Somjai Devi Mandir Shrivardhan

Somjai Devi Mandir is known for its miraculous healing power. It is believed that person with snake bite can be cured when taken to Somjai Devi Mandir and is not rare to find devotees flocking to the temple if they suffer a snake bite.

Somjai devi mandir is located right by the main artereal road in Shrivardhan town leading to the Shrivardhan beach. The temple is located in an open ground along the main road. It is built on a rise and steps lead up to it. There is a modern concrete structure in front of the old tiled sanctum, built in a typical Konkani fashion. The Goddess Somjai combines in herself the four deities - Shiva, Bhavani, Vasuki and Nandi.

Somjai Devi Mandir - Shrivardhan
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