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Shrivardhan beach is a 3km long stretch with a flat beach. Shrivardhan beach is predominantly a black fine sand beach. Along with the historic sites in the small town Shrivardhan is a good spot for sightseeing near Diveagar. The route to Shrivardhan via the 'sagari marg' also offer some beautiful views of the sea from atop the hills.
Shrivardhan - The Peshwa Country..

Shrivardhan a sleepy town about 20 kms from Diveagar via the 'Sagari Marg'. The first Peshwa, Balaji Vishwanath was born in Shrivardhan and a temple dedicated to him is located in the heart of Shrivardhan. There are a few temples of repute in Shrivardhan however the three km long beach with a small hillock in the south end and a fishing hamlet in the north is the prime attraction of Shrivardhan.
Shrivardhan Beach
Jeevana Port
Jeevana Port is located about three kilometres on the coastal road between Shrivardhan and Diveagar. A hill near the Jeevan port has the batti light which guides the fishermen at night.
Somjai Temple

Somajal Devi temple in the Shrivardhan town is believed to have a diety of miracles. Locals here make unbelievable claims of "Venom Neutralisation" by the devi.
Temples in Shrivardhan
The Somjai temple is located very prominently right by the main street in Shrivardhan. The temple built in old Kokani style has a concrete structure in front. The Goddess Somjai combines in herself the four deities–Shiva, Bhavani, Vasuki and Nandi. A little further on from the Somajai Temple is the Peshwa temple. A statue of a standing Balaji Vishwanath has been placed in front of the temple with a sword in his hand. A path from the Peshwa temple leads to the Lakshminarayan Temple dedicated to Vishnu.
Aaravi Beach

Sequestered between Shrivardhan and Diveagar is the little cove of Aaravi beach. Aaravi has a beautiful beach stretching for a few hundred meters between two rocky hillocks. Aaravi is slowly starting to capitalise on its tourism potential.
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