Rupnarayan Mandir Diveagar

Rupanarayan temple is located very close to the Diveagar beach on the way to the beach and the temple is decicated to Vishnu. Idol in the temple is very old and it is a form of Dashavatar. Idol in the Rupnarayan mandir is old but looks very beautifully carved in black sagamravari Rock.

The original Rupnayan nandir is believed to be have been built in the thirteen century A new Rupnarayan Temple has been built just a few years back on the way to the Diveagar beach. The temple has an idol of Vishnu which is the main attraction of the temple where all the ten avatars inccluding kalki is carved onto the sides of the idol. The new Rupnaryan temple is built in Shilahara temple architechtural style.

Rupnarayan Mandir
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