Beaches near Diveagar

The beaches in Raigad is spread between Dighi port to the north and Bagmandala to the south. Diveagar Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar are the well known beaches in Raigad however there are a few lesser known beaches also in Raigad. Velas and Aaravi are two such beaches on either sides of Diveagar. Velas is located towards Harihareshwar near Bankot and Aaravi is enroute Shrivardhan from Diveagar.

The Diveagar beach is a long stretch of beach which extends for almost 4 kms. Quite a wavy beach unlike the other beaches in the region, Diveagar beach has a thin layer of grainy white sand cover over the fine black sand underneath. With 'Belu' plants and suru trees & palms forming a fence to the beach Diveagar has a beauty of its own.

Kelshi Beach

Beaches in Raigad


Diveagar Beach

Raigad is famous for the three beaches one after the other inter spread with a few lesser known destinations. Diveagar is located at the northern end of Raigad beaches about 20 kms from Dighi port. Diveagar beach is not a flat beach unlike the other beaches in this region and owing to it Diveagar is quite a wavy beach making playing in the surf quite fun in Diveagar. Water sports and parasailing is also available at Diveagar beach. Diveagar is well known as a place to head for from the cities to enjoy some delicious konkani sea food.


Shrivardhan Beach

Sequestered between Diveagar and Harihareshwar at a distance of about 20 Kms from Diveagar, Shrivardhan is an obvious choice of sightseeing near Diveagar. Shrivardhan is a secluded fine black sand beach tucked between two hillocks with the Kalcha - Jivana fishing village at its northern end. Shrivardhan along with watersports has a nice atmosphere with unpolluted air and the beach at Shrivardhan is a clean beach. Shrivardhan is a nice place to spend an evenings watching the sunset. Shrivardhan is known for its peshwa temple.



Harihareshwar lies at the southern end of Raigad beaches on the banks of Bagmandala creek which seperates Harihareshwar from Ratnagiri. There are two beaches in Harihareshwar, one towards the right side of the temple and another beach which is towards the south of the hill. Harihareshwar has a rocky beach and one should be very careful while venturing into the sea. Harihareshwar temple complex is the prime attraction of Harihareshwar and a trip to Harihareshwar is not complete without a visit to the temple complex and doing the pradakshina.

Diveagar Hotels
Diveagar Hotels
Diveagar Hotels

Beaches near Diveagar

The Raigad beaches of Diveagar Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar is located between the two creeks of Rajapuri to the north and Bagmandala towards the south which seperates the Raigad district from Ratnagiri. There are popular beaches both to the north and towards the south of Raigad district in northern Ratnagiri district

To the north of Diveagar the region is dominated by the famous sea fort of Murud Janjira. Along side Murud Janjira is the Murud beach which is amongst the most popular beaches along with Kashid. Murud Janjira is a region where Joshua's SCUBA diving is actively looking for dive spots where SCUBA diving joy dives can be offered to tourists visiting this region.

To the south of Bagmandala, the Ratnagiri district start famous for its sea forts and temples. Velas just south of Bagmandala is a unique destination here which comes alive during the Turtle festival which is organised here. Velas is a nesting site of the endangered Olive ridley sea turtles. Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra, a NGO involved in protecting the turtles also organizes the turtle festival in Velas which is now a major attraction of the place.

There are some very popular temples south of Bagmandala creek. Mahalakshmi mandir in Kelshi is a popular destination. Yakut baba durgah which is visited along with the temple is located close to the Mahalakshmi mandir. Kadyavarcha Ganpati mandir in Anjarle is the most frequented destination here.

Murud Janjira
Mahalakshmi mandir - Kelshi
Kadyavarcha Ganpati mandir - Anjarle

Kashid Beach

Kashid beach flanked by the Revdanda & Korlai fort to its north and the legendary Murud Janjira fort to its south is 20 kms from Murud Janjira. Kashid with its lush green surroundings and the soft sandy beach doesn't take long to capture the imagination of any nature lover.

Kashid beach tucked between two rocky hillocks on the Alibaug-Murud road is one of the most popular beaches in northern Konkan. Kashid beach unlike other beaches in Alibaug has a semblence of a white sand beach and it stretches along for almost 2 kms with some rocky patches. Kashid also enjoys much higher waves than other beaches in Alibaug making Kashid a popular destination for water sports. Hotels in Kashid are concentrated towards Chikni 2 kms from Kashid beach

Water sports in Kashid