Murud Beach is located on the opposite banks of Dighi and can be visited along with a visit to Murud Janjira. Sail boats from Janjira forts will take you to Rajapuri jetty, 3 kms from Murud beach.
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Ganpatipule Beach
Harihareshwar - Pradakshina Marg
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Beaches near Diveagar..

The beaches in Raigad is spread between Dighi port to the north and Bagmandala to the south. Diveagar Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar are the well known beaches in Raigad however there are a few lesser known beaches also in Raigad. Velas and Aaravi are two such beaches on either sides of Diveagar. Velas is located towards Dighi while Aaravi is on the way to Shrivardhan from Diveagar.
The Diveagar beach is a long stretch of beach which extends for almost 4 kms. Quite a wavy beach unlike the other beaches in the region, Diveagar beach has a thin layer of grainy white cover over the fine black sand underneath. With a 'Belu' plant fence and the suru trees & palms behind it Diveagar has a beuty of its own.

Shrivardhan beach is a destination for the soul yearning for some solitude. Shrivardhan is a small black sand beach 20 kms from Diveagar with Jivana a fishing hamlet at its northern end.

Lesser known Beaches near Diveagar
Velas is a small beach about 10 kms from Diveagar enroute Murud Janjira. Velas becomes a hot spot for environmentalist during the breeding season of the endangered Olive Ridley turtles. Velas has always topped the list with the highest number of nests of Olive Ridley turtles and they also host the Turtle Festival each year to celebrate the release of the hatchlings. Aaravi is another beach located between Diveagar and Shrivardhan. A small stretch of beach, Aaravi is slowly getting noticed in the tourist circuits.

Harihareshwar, about 40 kms from Diveagar is famous for the temples on the seashore and is often referred to as 'Dakshin Kashi'. The most interesting part of the Harihareshwar temple is the Pradakshina marg, a trail over the rocks just by the sea.
Beaches in Diveagar
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